The Visionaire Singapore EC – News About Executive Condominium (EC)

Khaw Boon Wan – Executive Condominium (EC) is a wonderful scheme with very affordable prices. “It’s like offering you a Lexus at the price of a Corolla.”

Top 5 Reasons Why Purchase An Executive Condominium (EC)?

  • Affordability – Typically EC is about 15-20% lower in price compare to Private Condominum in the same area.
  • CPF Housing Grant – First Timer enjoys up to $30,000 grant.
  • Potential For Capital Appreciation – Due to the fact that EC are priced lower than a private condominium, Owners of EC home gets to maximize capital appreciation gain once the 5 years MOP is met and fully privatized.
  • Full Condominium Facilities – EC is just like a private condominium and home owners gets to enjoy the amenities and facilities provided.
  • Only the Privileged can buy EC – Buyers Of EC needs to be at least a Singaporean applicant and fulfill certain eligibility criteria in order to purchase a unit.
The Visionaire EC Draws More Buyers

“Executive Condos tends to draw more buyers as for the same price, buyer gets bigger units, better facilities than some private condos in the market.”

The Visionaire EC Price Edge Over Private Condo

“Executive Condos enjoy better pricing edge over private condos as the land bidding tender and constructions costs are generally lower than private condos.”

Visionaire EC Better Long Term Buy

“The price of Executive Condominiums (EC) will catch up with private condos after the initial five-year minimum occupation period (MOP), and even more so when they are fully privatised 10 years after purchase. Looking at the figures above, Buying Visionaire EC not only provide better lifestyle for your family, you will also see profitable capital appreciation in years to come.”